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The thing that makes YA a separate category, I feel, is that teenagers have agency. What they do has an effect on their lives and often on the lives of others. But that doesn’t mean the books are infantile. If they were, teenagers wouldn’t read them. Anyone who knows teenagers know that if they think a book is infantile, they will abandon it, quickly. By

Tamora Pierce, commenting on Read Now Sleep Later: YA Shame and Stigma (via annaetc)

As a former Twilight fan, agree. I think teenagers read books that speak to them the most. As a teenage reader, I was always on the prowl for novels that would keep me company and appeal to my loner personality, the perfect substitutes for a friend. It’s wrong to dismiss YA readers as infantile because these books speak to them as no other books do. The YA genre is a goldmine for role models and self-inserts, which are not bad if handled well. Many of my favorite characters from my childhood-teenage years are self-inserts; there’s nothing wrong about that. The problem is that nowadays, it’s so rare to see these things handled well.

Let’s be real, many of the more popular YA novels are garbage and/or copycats of other popular works. I wish there was more variety to YA than Twilight et al., Gossip Girl et al., and The Hunger Games et al. There are a few gems here and there (is The Book Thief YA?), but IMO, YA reached its peak in the early 2000s and has been on a decline ever since.

Feel free to disagree.

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